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The brands that will be big in the future will be those that tap into the social changes that are taking place


A Social Report responds to two demands, those of transparency & corporate responsibility. The creation of sustainability reports refers to measuring, publicising and undertaking the responsibility by an Organisation towards its stakeholders, at both an external and internal level, regarding set goals in Sustainable Development. Nowadays, more and more Organisations are undertaking this responsibility and publicize their progress, weaknesses and aims in the difficult task of sustainability.

Plain, comprehensive, balanced, honest and “friendly to reader”: our long experience in Social Reports writing and editing has demonstrated that these are the elements of a successful Sustainability Report.

“Educating today the citizens of tomorrow”: this is the way to change wrong attitudes and perceptions –and the world around us. Every Organization should contribute to this effort, combining sincere offer to educational community with effective family approaching to reach company goals and enhance corporate responsibility profile. logo_icon_trans

Nowadays that developments are so quick, approaching young people effectively is a challenge by itself; it is not easy to win over this audience by a simple promotional activity SMS or 2 in 1. Epikinonia responds to this challenge with its specialization in Youth Marketing; we design and implement tailor-made activities that systematically build brand loyalty in young people and maximise brand value, while contributing to educating responsible consumers of tomorrow.